Vehicle Purchase & Use

As is true with all university assets, we must exercise good stewardship over KU vehicles. The Vehicles Purchase Procedures policy and the Use of Vehicles policy guide the appropriate and responsible acquisition and use of university vehicles.

Purchase of Vehicles

Approval for all University of Kansas vehicle purchase requests shall be coordinated through the Provost Office. The Provost Office is responsible for creating an equitable and cohesive strategy for our vehicle acquisition. Financial Services is responsible for working with campus departments to complete all approved vehicle purchases. Read more in the Vehicles Purchase Procedures policy.

Use of Vehicles

In compliance with state rules and regulations, only state employees and persons reasonably engaged in official state business are allowed to ride in a state vehicle. Non-employees are prohibited from driving University owned vehicles under any circumstances. Family members and friends of employees may not ride in state vehicles. Pets are not to be transported in state vehicles. Read more in the Use of Vehicles policy.

KU Policy Library

Visit the KU Policy Library to access the full Vehicles Purchase Procedures policy and the Use of Vehicles policy.