DARBI and Project Invoices

DARBI and project-related invoice payments can be received in multiple tender types. Once received, Accounting Services will create a receipt to apply the payment to the proper invoice(s). Please contact acct-rec@ku.edu for any questions that may arise concerning invoice related deposits.

KUINT/UKANS Business Units

Please drop off checks at Carruth O’Leary Hall dropbox, and clearly label “DARBI” on the bank bag.

Mailing Address:

The University of Kansas
Attn: Account Receivables – Accounting Services
Carruth O’Leary Hall
1246 West Campus Road
Lawrence, KS 66045

For online payments, visit the KU Accounts Receivables Touchnet site.

RSINT/KURES Business Units

Mailing Address:

University of Kansas Center of Research
Attn: Accounts Receivable
2385 Irving Hill Road
Lawrence, KS  66045

For online payments, visit KUCR Accounts Research Touchnet site.

Interfund payments for DARBI invoices can only be accepted for KUINT and UKANS business units. Accounting Services staff will notify departmental contacts when a payment via interfund has been received. If the payment is for DARBI, a credit memo must be created for the invoice so it will no longer be outstanding.  Please only do this once a confirmed payment has been received for the specific invoice.

For further information regarding interfunds, please see Interfund Deposits.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Put a # immediately following the invoice number, no spaces.
  • If the invoice needs to be re-entered multiple times add an additional # to the end of the invoice number. Example: Invoice 123456 has been entered and cancelled 3 times; it needs to be entered a 4th time. Enter the invoice number as 123456####

To determine the Business Unit, please view the table in the Financial Systems Resource Center.

Use the Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) report in FITC.

  • 'AR Open Receivables Non-Project Rpt'

Look in OAC using the funding for the payment.

  • Invalid invoice number – the AP invoice number must match the AR invoice except for the # symbol at the end indicating the AP invoice has been cancelled.
  • Duplicate payment – If the AR invoice has already been paid.
  • Credit Memo – if a credit memo was applied to the invoice.
  • Business Unit – if the wrong business unit was used when entering the AP Invoice.
  • Supplier – if the wrong supplier was used.