Interfund Deposits

Interfund is a means by which one state agency may pay another state agency without physically sending cash or check for payment. Each Interfund is considered an independent arms length stand-alone transaction. Interfund process involves two components: Payable Interfund and a Deposit Interfund to complete one transaction. Each Interfund is assigned a unique ID number. These transactions are processed through the State of Kansas system called Statewide Management, Accounting, Reporting Tool (SMART). When receiving payment by Interfund, an Interfund Deposit Form must be completed to facilitate the posting of the transaction. A separate deposit must be made for each Interfund payment received.

Payables Interfund

To pay another state agency by Interfund is processed as an invoice in FITC. Please contact the Payables Office at if you have any questions.

Deposit Interfund

To receive payment from another state agency by Interfund is processed by submitting the Interfund Deposit Form to the Accounting Services Office online.

Identifying Pending SMART Interfunds

If your department is anticipating receiving payment by Interfund, use the following process to search for Interfunds in SMART.  If you need access to SMART, formal SMART access request are submitted to

To locate deposit in SMART:

  1. Log in to SMART
  2. Search for the Interfunds paying the department
  3. From the main menu – Accounts Receivable > Interfund Details
    1. If known, enter the Interfund ID needing to be completed
    2. If the Interfund ID is not known, Search by Supplier ID = 68200 & Deposit Approval Status = Unapproved.
    3. If known, you can also add the State of Kansas Agency Code to the AP Business unit field.


Completing the Interfund Deposit Form

Submit an Interfund Deposit Form for each Interfund.

  1. Complete all required fields on the form.
  2. Provide comments as needed to further ensure accurate processing.
  3. If funding needed is not present in the drop-down menus, please email to request it be added.

For questions regarding deposit interfunds, please send an email to and add the word "Interfund" to the subject line of the email.