General Ledger

Journal Request Change Form Instructions

The JRC Form with instructions is available in the Financial System Resource Center.

  1. This form is for POSTED transactions only
  2. Only 1 form MAY be submitted per email
  3. This form MAY be used to move transactions off of fund 725 and onto other UKANS funding
    1. Accounting Services will work with Payables for approval prior to processing
  4. This form MAY NOT be used for multiple category types per form, i.e. Deposit, FOM, AP
  5. This form MAY NOT be used to change purchase orders, travel requests, pending transactions or prior fiscal year transactions
  6. This form MAY NOT be used to move transactions between business units (KURES/UKANS)
  7. This form MAY NOT be used to move transactions off of UKANS funding onto fund 725
  8. This form MAY NOT be used to change only the KUEA account on a transaction.
  9. If fund 717 or 718 is on the form it MUST be submitted to KUCR Post Award Services ( for approval and KUCR will submit approved form to Accounting Services for processing
  1. Complete the JRC Form – All fields must be completed for the form to be processed
    1. Submitted By information
    2. Reviewed by SSC Finance Manager or Department Manager information
    3. Comment/Justification
    4. Business Unit – UKANS or KURES (cannot make changes to both units on the same form)
    5. Fund
    6. Account
    7. Cost Center
    8. Chartfield 1 (CF1) – CF1 is only required if in the original transaction
    9. Reimbursable
      1. If using Fund 725 – must use a KUEA code
      2. If using Fund 720 – must use a Project code
      3. If using Fund 721 – must use KUCR 9xx fund code
    10. Project – only use for transactions posted to 717, 718, or 9x8 Funds
    11. Debit and Credit Amounts must balance and cannot be a negative amount
    12. Line Description on the JRC Form tab will populate from the OAC Report tab
    13. KU Reference field will be used for KUCR PPM Transaction ID purposes
    14. Sales Tax Code – when account 412100 is used a sales tax code is required
      1. Sales Tax Code is not on the JRC Format Report at this time but can be retrieved from the Journal report in OAC
  2. Email the completed JRC form to:
    1. UKANS:
    2. KURES:
    3. Enter “JRC” as the first word in the subject line of the email, adding additional description preferred

Financial Systems Resource Center

AP Payment Cancellation

The SSC or department will contact Accounts Payable if an AP Payment needs to be cancelled. AP will complete the payment cancellation and send it to Accounting Services to be processed.

Reimbursable Billing

KU completes a reimbursable billing process for KUEA and KUCR for the reimbursable funds (725, 720, and 721). These bills are sent to KUEA and KUCR bi-weekly and payments for the bills are processed as they are received.