Transfers & Dispositions

As good stewards of university resources and the financial investments that Kansas taxpayers and others have made in our institution, it is important that we account for equipment and other property throughout the entire lifecycle of the asset.

When assets with an original value of $5,000 or more are taken out of service or transferred to another unit or location, documentation is required by completing the appropriate form:

  • Disposition of Property form — Used when a department is disposing of property through KU surplus, KU eWaste, Trade in or other method (not including department transfer or relocating the property).
  • Department Transfer form —  Used when a property is being transferred from one KU department to another KU department.
  • Location Transfer form — Used when a department is moving property from one location to another, but that department is retaining “ownership” of the property.

All three forms are available under "Asset Forms" in the Financial Systems Resource Center.

Financial Forms

Log in to the Financial Systems Resource Center in SharePoint to access disposition and transfer forms.